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The Orsini Apartments


Property Address: 555 E. Figueroa
Property Type: MultiFamily
Retrofitted Measures: Interior Exterior lighting - 24 Hour Garage
Total Annual Energy Savings: 42%

Brief Description of Work

The Orsini Group of Apartments near Downtown Los Angeles, is a mediterranean inspired work-live environement. The Orsini provides luxurious downtown living for its residence. With a vibrant and booming downtown scene, the Orsini was able to receive an energy efficient lighting upgrade through Optima Energy to better secure it's property and provide additional security for it's residence. With a 24 hour garage and common areas, the estimated annual savings was over 42% per year! Simple straight forward retrofits through Optima Energy has helped Orsini's total bottom line.

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  • 20695 S. Western Ave #108
    Torrance, CA 90501

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